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Increased website conversion by 38%

Orchestral AI – is a complex IT Automation and orchestration enterprise software

In order to understand how it works, their clients had to go through:

  • 5 min powerpoint video
  • 2-hour intro call
  • 1-year sales cycle

An in order to make a decision, multiple people should be involved, and everyone have to go through this again.

We needed a video for the site that would easily and affordably explain our service. The goal was to expose our platform to as many potential customers as possible. Ideally, get new users

Dale Smith

Founder & CMO at Orchestral AI

{ Our insights }

  • We saw that they had a 5 min long boring PowerPoint presentation video, with an AI voice
  • Most of the people on the website, couldn't find this video at all (it was buried in a link)
  • Those who found it, weren't able to make it to the end
  • Even if they did, the first impression wasn't the best, as well as their brand image

{ Video ideas }

  • We proposed to create a much shorter, 90 seconds video
  • Problem-solution-call-to-action narrative
  • Enjoyable visuals to support the credible brand image
  • Place it in the hero section of the website
  • Set up analytics and measure the performance
  • BONUS: Help to integrate this video across other platforms

The script and storyboard helped determine the right way

By the way, the client always gets 2-3 options to choose from. And so it was here.

We made different variations of sketches and styles

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We drew illustrations for each scene and animated everything

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Dale Smith

Founder & CMO at Orchestral AI


Our sales struggled because nobody understood our enterprise software. Now we have a studio-level video with perfect messaging and brand image. It was an outstanding job.

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