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Product-Market Fit Tested

We wanted to test our solution for product-market fit and see the potential of scaling. We wanted to test the demand, and a video was the best choice for that.

Mingying Song

Founder & CEO

{ Our insights }

What we discovered:

  • Tylo AI didn't have a landing page yet
  • the UIs were still in progress
  • no sales yet, no marketing activities
  • fairly complicated software with AI

{ Video ideas }

What we proposed:

  • 90-second explainer video for awareness purposes
  • 1:1 and vertical screen adaptations
  • subtitled version for social media
  • video marketing guide
  • support with linkedin advertising

Everything starts with a script

We wanted to keep it under 180 words

Storyboarding and Illustration

turning text into visuals, took 2 weeks

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turning visuals to life, took 1.5 weeks

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Mingying Song

CEO & Founder at Tylo AI


We didn't want to gamble with a random video quality, so we chose Astra Motion. They have a track record and great examples. Our market positively reacted to the video.

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